Hañhi is acronymic alias for Illustrator and Textile Artist Hanna Hirvonen. Most often her art—justly said—is manifested in graphical animal figures. These can vary from a noisy bunch of travelling roustabouts, leaded by a viscous looking woodpecker as the ringmaster—to peaceful and simplified animals which could have been born from the subliminal worlds of local mythology. Even if her very own style is recognisable, it is impossible to pigeonhole it: one could characterise; it is north-eastern animalistic post-neo-romanticism, but perhaps it is just at its best if experienced.

In tune with her graphical but smooth and wavy style, the company’s name is written with the wavy line upon the letter n. Even the mark is absent in written Finnish, that reminds Hanna from an autumnal fishing trip with her father Osmo. The sounds of migrating geese were echoing on the lake—under skies hanging still and grey. Suddenly, Osmo pointed out one goose flying low and exclaimed with enthusiasm: “Hanhi!” (Goose in English) with his deep Karelian patois—so deep that even that single word couldn’t be written using standard alphabets. To memorialise that fleeting moment when sudden, squeaking sounds merged, Hanna adopted the current spelling: Hañhi.

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