The founder and current owner of this company is Hanna Hirvonen (1978). Hanna is native to Outokumpu, eastern Finland. She is a textile artist who graduated from University of Lapland in 2008. During that same year, Hanhi was officially
founded even though the projects and ideas emerged through her student life.

Hanhi´s main objective as a company is to share ideas and emotions through its products. According to Hanhi´s ideology, the customer who acquires the products feels identified with them at some level. Hanhi is not just about creating beautiful products, it is about sharing a common philosophy through different items. By this means, Hanhi makes a contribution to society trying to produce some sort of well-being within the public through the so called “arttherapy”.

One of the added values concerning Hanhi´s products is the handmade characteristic. The majority of the products are, at least, partially handmade. This provides the items with inimitable characteristics, uniqueness. Emblematic examples of Hanhi´s partially handmade products are the silkscreen handprinted textiles. It is also important to mention that this printing process is developed by using non-toxic water based colors. Therefore, the company practices, somehow, the well-known eco friendly design.

Hanna Hirvonen
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